Warehouse Concrete Floor Repair Hamilton

Are you contending with a warehouse shop floor that’s in need of repair? Look no further as Garage Floors 4 Less Hamilton has a cost-effective solution just for you.

Cost-Effective Warehouse Floor Solution That Lasts

If your warehouse floor in Hamilton is in rough shape – cracking, trip hazards, holes, impossible to clean/sweep – we have the solution! Your warehouse or commercial concrete floor can be repaired, using a process and line of products designed to last while delivering great value price-wise.

Commercial concrete repairs are challenging due to the heavy duty usage seen by these floors. The right process and products must be used to ensure the repair work will hold up over time. We have honed our techniques and installation procedures over the years, which has culminated in a robust solution for your warehouse floor.

You’ll be surprised at the cost of a warehouse floor repair, it’s not even close to the expense of ripping up the floor and starting new. Most warehouse owners/operators are looking for the best bang for their buck when it comes down to their flooring. It’s not a showroom and doesn’t need to be flashy or aesthetically beautiful. It needs to be functional and durable at a price point that makes sense.



How does your repair work hold up in a busy warehouse environment?

There are two critical steps to long term durability with our repair work. The first is in the prep work. We begin every project with a full diamond grind. No acid etching – mechanical profiling only. We employ specialized walk behind grinding machines hooked up to advanced dust control vacuums. This equipment ensures the base concrete is profiled properly. Second, the resurfacing material we use is specifically rated for high early compressive strength. It has excellent adhesion to the profiled base concrete, resulting in a repair that lasts.

How long does the repair take?

Install timing depends on several factors, namely the size of your space and the extent of the repair work needed. We are flexible and willing to work around your operational schedule. If minimizing downtime is your priority, we can schedule our work accordingly and determine the most cost effective way to complete the work properly.

Can a coating be installed as part of the repair?

Yes – we offer several types of finish levels. The most cost effective is our permanent application sealer. This sealer leaves the finish easily cleanable and provides basic abrasion resistance. We offer a 2 coat epoxy coating system that can take your floor to the next level, and we back our work with a warranty and service agreements.

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