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The best epoxy for your garage floor, is not epoxy! We offer a proprietary 4-layer polyaspartic-based resin system designed specifically for Canadian garage floors. It can handle any temperature conditions and any moisture conditions. It will not peel or bubble under moisture vapour pressure due to the specially installed “MVT Shield”. MVT Shield is a moisture vapour transmission reducing primer that’s included with our garage floor coating system.

Our garage floor coating is highly resistant to stains, resistant to household chemicals, resistant to road salt and resistant to UV light – it will not yellow in direct sunlight.

Best of all, it’s a beautiful, seamless, anti-slip finish with a 15-year no peel guarantee.

Oh, and we can also complete most installs in one day, start to finish!



My concrete floor has cracks and pitting. Can you repair the concrete as well?

Yes, first and foremost, we are concrete repair & resurfacing specialists.  Performing proper repairs in the concrete is a critical step before installing the seamless floor.  If repairs are not done, or are done with the wrong products, then the flooring system could fail.  We have years of experience with the products and application techniques to ensure the concrete is properly prepared before coating.

How long does the flooring installation take?

The time it takes to do the install is largely dependent on several factors: the size of your floor, the extent of the repairs required and whether or not we’re coating the walls.  A typical 400 sq ft two-car garage with minor repairs and no wall coating will take about 10 hours from start to finish so it can be done in one day.  Extensive repairs may add an extra day to the process.  Coating walls adds about 3 hours to the process.

How long do I have to wait before I can use my new garage floor?

You can walk on your new floor 24 hours after our install is complete.  You can move stuff back on it in 48 hours and drive on it in 72 hours.

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