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Did you know – the best epoxy for your garage floor, is not epoxy!
Our garage floor coating system is a proprietary 4-layer polyaspartic-based resin system. It includes a special primer that’s designed to penetrate deep into the concrete and has the ability to withstand higher than normal amounts of moisture vapour transmission (MVT). MVT is an important factor in any slab-on-grade coating situation. Failure to address MVT will result in the loss of adhesion over time.
Our garage flooring is built to withstand the harsh conditions your garage floor faces every day. From constant vehicular traffic to the ever-changing weather conditions, our seamless garage flooring will stand the test of time. That’s why we back it with an industry-leading, all-inclusive, 15 year no-peel guarantee.
Read on to learn more about the different types of garage flooring available in the marketplace and why ours is the best!
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Learn about all the different types of garage flooring options

Resin-based coatings
Interlocking rubber/vinyl floor tiles
Concrete floor paint
Porcelain/Ceramic tiles
Floor mats

Resin-Based Coatings

Resin-based coatings are a flooring system that’s installed over a properly prepared existing concrete substrate. The existing concrete must be structurally sound with a minimum amount of moisture vapour pressure to prevent delamination of the coating over time.  The existing concrete must also be profiled using diamond tooling to ensure the coating achieves a proper bond.
This type of flooring is aesthetically pleasing (with many different colour options), extremely durable (available with a lifetime warranty), easy to clean, chemical resistant, UV resistant, vehicular traffic resistant and can be installed with an anti-slip finish.  These factors make it very attractive for a garage floor.
As for the type of resin-based coatings, there are many possible options – epoxy, polyurea and polyaspartic. Which one to use depends on a variety of factors. We use them all in various capacities, but specifically for garage floors, we use a 4-layer polyaspartic-based system. If you want more info about the various resins, just reach out to us and we’d gladly explain over the phone or in person.

Interlocking Floor Tiles

Interlocking floor tiles are usually made of rubber, vinyl or PVC.  They are a good option if you are faced with very high humidity in your garage.  They also do not require any sophisticated floor prep prior to install.  Their designs are attractive and the material usually provides some extra cushioning.  So if you stand and work in your garage for long periods of time, interlocking floor tiles might be a good option for you.
The best floor tiles allow for evaporation of moisture underneath the tile.  However, in practice, we’ve experienced that these style of floor tiles develop quite a bit of mold underneath, even though they claim to be breathable.  Due to the build up of mold and mildew under the tiles, your garage can develop a bad smell over time.

Concrete Floor Paint

Concrete floor paint is probably the cheapest option of all garage flooring types, but it’s also the least resilient.  You’ll definitely get more life out of your concrete floor paint if you profile the floor with diamond tooling, but most people don’t do that.  At the bare minimum, a thorough cleaning/degreasing is required before painting a concrete floor.
Other considerations are the climate where you live and the existing condition of your concrete. In Hamilton, the winters are often tough, and your painted concrete floor will see extreme weather and lots of road salt.  This will damage concrete paint.  Also, if your concrete floor is heavily pitted and/or cracked, you’ll have to repair it prior to painting or the paint won’t last.

Porcelain/Ceramic Tiles

Porcelain or ceramic floor tiles are not frequently associated with garage floors, although they may be an option for you.  They offer stain resistance and are easy to clean.  If you know how to lay tile and can do this job yourself, the tiles will definitely last longer than paint.
The main drawback of tile is their brittle nature.  Often, garage floor concrete slabs are subject to constant subtle movements over time.  This movement can cause cracks to form in the tiles and/or grout lines.  A proper decoupling and waterproofing membrane should be installed prior to the tiles.  As well, all pitting and cracks in the existing concrete should be repaired prior to installation.  Other drawbacks are the fact that tile floors are slippery when wet and grout lines will quickly become dirty in your garage.

Floor Mats

There are a few different types of floor mats out there.  The materials and sizes differ slightly.  The most popular are the large size mats, pictured in this section.
There’s no doubt that the installation of these mats is quick and easy.  You probably don’t even have to clean the floor prior to throwing them down!  Taping mats together is also optional, but recommended to make the install last longer.
Although these style of mats are easy to install and don’t cost much, they will become very slick when wet.  They will also have trouble in the Hamilton area during winter.  Water will inevitably end up on the underside of the mat and cause problems during the winter and early spring freeze/thaw cycles.  Mold will also begin to grow on the back side of the mats and your garage will typically always be damp with a musty smell.


We have experience with all the garage flooring options presented here.  Specifically, we are experienced seamless flooring installers, using our industry-leading polyaspartic and epoxy coating systems.
In regards to the other flooring options, we have experience ripping them out prior to installing our system!  We can confidently say that our system is the best flooring for your garage in Hamilton, because year after year, customers call us after they have exhausted the other options.
Not only will we install a beautiful, functional and durable garage floor for you, but we’ll do it with service that will leave you truly impressed.  Our motto is: Great Floors. Great Service.



Great company. They were prompt, well equipped and very knowledgeable. The result was a transformation of my garage floor which was pitted and cracked into a pristine and beautiful surface. Their product guaranteed for 10 years and stronger than epoxy. Sounds good to me!

“I don’t usually write reviews but I felt I needed to this time. Garage4Less is the only company you should be calling to get your garage makeover; Marc, Stefan and Fabian are true professionals.
Their workmanship was incredible, paying attention to every single detail. They were very accommodating to my requests. I recommend everyone to use them.”

Recently had my garage floors done and let me tell you how happy I am with the outstanding job these guys did for me, my floors look amazing, I almost don’t want to park my car on them because they look so good. Lol
They were very clean, no dust, no dirt and I’m very happy that I chose Garage Floors 4 Less.
I would definitely recommend these guys to everyone.
Very impressive work!
Thanks for everything!

Professionally laid flooring at a reasonable price. Very courteous staff. They were contracted to install a new floor in my garage and I am very pleased with the outcome. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone for their flooring needs.

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